Tina Turner – Singer to Global Icon 
“What you can learn from her success!” 

Tina Turnerdubbed “The Queen of Rock’n’Roll, was a firebrand of energy, excitement, and pure talent. Her recent death shines a light on what she uniquely brought to music, how she moved female performers (and performance) forward, and how she rose above obstacles to become an icon. As a singer, performer, and actor, she turned her unique voice and dancing style into something that moved people all over the world! 

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Below are some keys to her success!

  1. She used her talent uniquely and created her own niche – Great artists do this. Her big hair, big voice, and unique dancing style combined with a whirl of energy all contributed to making her a special talent. 
  2. Early on, she went for it and took risks – From humble beginnings, Anna Mae Bullock joined Ike Turner’s band Kings of Rhythm in 1957 after getting a chance to sing with them onstage. It was Ike who spotted her talent, and gave her the name “Tina Turner”Credit: Jasmine Records
  3. She developed a “Never Give Up Attitude” –When things went south, she regrouped and persevered. After leaving her abusive relationship with Ike, Turner was on her own, not only personally but in her career as well.
  4. She never stopped performing– In the time between 1976 – 1982, Turner appeared on TV Shows such as Donnie & Marie to earn income. 
  5. She made lemonade – When opportunities presented themselves, she made them work. When first offered the song “What’s Love Got to Do with It“, Turner almost rejected it, thinking it was too pop. However, she found a way to make it her own, and the rest is history!!
  6. She applied everything she had – Turner used all of her experiences – personal (from obstacles and pain to success) and professional (her performing prowess, her vocal mastery, her unique style) – to infuse her singing and performances with soul and authenticity. 

“When I started as a solo artist, I was a female Black singer in my forties with no money and few prospects for gigs. Still, I kept a “never give up” spirit. I understood that although many people might have a limited view of me, I could help open their minds. Through hard work and determination, I showed all the naysayers that maybe their preconceived doubts were wrong.” Tina Turner*  

*Credit: Alison Beard, Harvard Business Review Jan-Feb 2021 

In summary, her keys to success are:

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