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Would you like to become a great (not good) singer? Do you want to be able to better communicate from your heart? Are you having technical issues – trouble hitting pitches or staying on pitch? Are you ready for gigs, auditions, and showcases?

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Teri Danz, America’s Vocal Coach, and Club Hit Recording Artist, is a leading innovator in pop vocal performance. A pop vocal expert and producer, she lends her real-world experience and specific pop techniques to take up-and-comers, as well as established artists, to the next level live and in the studio. She trains beginners to artists from her years of recording and performing experience working with top talent, producers, and musicians. Named a Top Vocal Coach by Backstage Magazine, Danz was awarded a Global Excellence Award by LuxLife Magazine – Vocal Coach of the Year. A testament to her training methods, three of her students hit the Top 20 on the Billboard Charts in 2019. Another student was recently signed to a UK label.

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All great pop singers have experienced vocal coaches. Give yourself and your talent a chance with a Pop Vocal Expert!

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All your favorite pop singers have innovative and experienced pop vocal coaches (think Michael Jackson or Ariana Grande!). You can, too!

With the right coach, you can

  • Improve breath control and stamina
  • Manage and develop your range
  • Learn pop technique and vocal placement
  • Improve and maintain vocal health
  • Learn how to improve or up your live performance 
  • Cut great studio vocals

Would you like to be a great (not just good) singer? Are you ready when you get the call for auditions, performances? Do you feel your vocals could be better or you could sound fuller or more resonant? Are you having difficulties with breathing, stamina, or vocal control? Do you need help in the studio or in pre-production? Now is a perfect time to get started!

Can you command the podium with power and confidence? Do you feel your voice resonates with your audience? Learn tools that professionals know and use to move their audience.

Are you happy with your tone? Is your breathing and stamina in control?

Does your child love to sing and perform? Do you think they have a vocal talent to develop? If so, start them off right – in a professional, safe and supportive environment.

Learn how to sound like a pro! Impress friends and have fun, too!

Improve breath control, manage your range, learn vocal placement and technique, and to maintain vocal health, learn performance or studio technique and more.

Named one of the Top Vocal Coaches in Backstage Magazine, (also a Backstage 2014 Reader’s Choice Finalist) and one of 2018 Best Singing Teachers by

Danz is a pop vocal expert, and her book, “Vocal Essentials for the Pop Singer: Take Your Singing for Good to Great” (Hal Leonard) has a 5 star rating on Amazon! 

For 2020, Danz received a Global Excellence Award for Vocal Coach of the Year! 

Congrats to Ximxia who just got signed to Roller Blaster Records in the UK! Below. Yay!

Ximxia – #19 on the Billboard Dance Charts

Congrats to student and singer/songwriter, Ximxia, whose song “Don’t Follow Me” now at #19 on the Billboard Dance Charts!! Yay!

Kian Blume – #17 on Billboard Dance Charts

Tony Francis – His Band Sweet Eve hit #15 on the Billboard Hard Rock Charts (6/19).

Congrats to student and singer/songwriter, Alexa Valentino, on winning the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Song of the Year!

Congrats to student, XIMXIA, who just got signed to Roller Blaster Records in the UK! Yay!!! Check her out!

More Clients include:

Skyla I’Lece (Turn: Washington’s Spies & new Disney Show, “The Crossover”)

Alexa Valentino – Singer/Songwriter

Jared Lee – Recording Artist and Songwriter – Semi-finalist on American Song Contest 2022

Kevin Preston – guitarist for Green Day, Josie Cotton, and many more. Soon to be touring as lead singer of his own band.

Florence LaRue – Singer/Performer, Original & Current Member of The Fifth Dimension

Josie Cotton – Recording Artist and Songwriter

Adam Bones – Artist –Merrifield Records

Sarai Givaty – Model and Recording artist

Greg Fitzsimmons – Stand-up comedian, Emmy Award-winning writer and host on both radio and TV

Melissa Disney – Voice of Disney’s Snow White, singer/songwriter and voiceover artist

Jennifer Robbins – ABC 7’s Meteorologist

Taylor Handley – Actor/Musician (the OC, Vegas)

Lance Hawkins – Lead Singer/Songwriter (The Palominos – traditional country originals)

Govindas – Bhakti Yoga Shala and many others!

Alexa Valentino – Congrats to student and singer/songwriter, Alexa Valentino on winning the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Song of the Year

Congrats to former student, Jared Lee,on being a contender and advancing to the semi-finals on American Song Contest!