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Writing and PR Background

As a writer/editor and PR professional, I’ve been doing online and off-line writing, PR & marketing for a variety of clients with very successful results. For iAgency (a boutique firm) in Santa Monica, I was responsible (AE) for managing the online PR and marketing for FX Network’s show, Son of the Beach, which resulted in it becoming FX Network’s highest rated original show.

For Internet Solutions company, Digital Boardwalk, in Santa Monica, I was their public relations manager/publicist and worked with them to publicize and advance their wireless technology solutions. I obtained press for them in Digitrends, LA Business Journal, iMarketing News and others. For celebrity party planner Charlie Scola, his book signing event (in May 2008) was the biggest Borders had  in 2008. My strategy included branding him on the Internet (through a very targeted press release), so if you search for him, he is everywhere as a celebrity party planner and caterer (prior to mid-May, there were no such references). For Phat Energy, I got them a write-up in the LA Business Journal.

As a writer, I’ve written marketing copy for brochures, web sites, blogs, bios, press releases, cover and marketing letters, resumes, speeches, and more. I wrote the website copy for business bankruptcy attorney, Jerome S. Cohen ( and for Virtual Baby Nurse ( In addition, I am a published author and wrote “Vocal Essentials for The Pop Singer” (a primer for pop singers) for Hal Leonard Corporation.

My background is in education (Ed.M) and also editorial (entertainment, business), having written articles for Entertainment Tonight Online, Music Connection, Guitar Player, OnNow/Talk City,, and Netguide among others. Below please find a resume, and please email for the writing samples.

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