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“Taking Teri Danz’s Vocal Performance Workshop really opened my eyes to a lot of things I did not realize I was doing during my performances – one being *closing my eyes*! I had no idea I was closing my eyes through so much of each song – and how un-engaging that is to an audience member. I also learned a lot about the importance of my posture and how much of a difference something as simple as what I am doing with my hands can make to a live show. Teri is an amazingly objective coach who is not afraid to let you know what you need to do to improve, but is always kind about it and ready with a high five when she sees you starting to really ‘get it’.

I am excited to finish recording my EP and perform the songs live now that I have gone through this workshop. I can’t wait to put these new skills to use! I have even made changes to some of my songs themselves based on her suggestions. I am so thankful I went through her program and suggest it to anyone who is serious about taking their performance to the next level!

I mean it Teri – thank you!!”

Mary – Mary Bee Music 9/14

“Teri Danz is a premier vocal coach. When I first came to her, I didn’t know what I was doing; I knew I had some talent, but didn’t know how to hone it. Teri was just the person I needed. A vocalist herself from the school of hard knocks, Teri’s real life artist experiences give her unique insights into what makes a vocalist tick and how to discover and nurture one’s artistry. She has an excellent ear and is a phenomenal teacher. Teri has an upbeat style; always positive and encouraging, but also honest and straightforward. Teri tells it like it is out of love for the art form and her students. She’s a vocal coach extraordinaire, and I highly recommend her.”-Fay Baker, vocalist, updated 9/14

“Teri Danz has proven to be a strong force on the LA music scene. A brilliant songwriter and well-known as teaching mastermind, if you want to pursue a singing career – Teri will get you there. Now her amazing talent can be shared with the masses. Do yourself a favor, and listen to what she has to offer.” -Monte Pittman, Madonna’s guitarist and guitar teacher, Prong guitarist, former Teri Danz Band fill-in guitarist

“The real world experience of Teri Danz both on stage and in the studio is vast. When working with her in the studio, her vocal expertise, love of music and her dedication shine through.  Beware: Teri’s enthusiasm and creativity are  infectious.” -Buddy Halligan, Chief Audio Engineer – USC School of Cinematic Arts, Recording engineer for Ray Charles, Barry White, Anita Baker, Diane Schurr and Steven Stills

“If you’re a professional in the music business then you know the importance of having a great support team. Teri has provided that for artists I have worked with and the results have proven that she knows how to guide a vocalist to give their best performance, in the studio as well as live. Having the benefit of her knowledge and experience can move you forward in finding your voice.”-Matt Forger, Producer/Engineer/Mixer (engineer/production team for Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney)

“Teri is definitely the best vocal coach ever! She taught me how to sing on a whole new level, which is being able to sing on a professional level. She helped me find my voice and have full control over it technically and emotionally.  I’m also growing and evolving as an artist with Teri. She is truly an inspiration!! Thanks Teri!!  – Kara, Recording Artist

“Teri is a coach who really knows her stuff, she showed me vocal techniques I didn’t even know existed. I recommend her to any professional or hobbyist.”-Yogi, singer/songwriter

“Teri is an intuitive and experienced guide. She really helped me get my voice out of my nose and into my mouth where it belongs. She really personalizes her sessions and also gives great hugs.” –Greg Fitzsimmons, Stand-up comedian, Emmy Award winning writer and host on both radio and TV

After rediscovering my love of singing about two years ago now, I found Teri Danz. I have only had about 6 lessons with Teri and, “out of the blue” the other day, I was asked to be a soloist for a piece my choir will perform in two weeks! I know this opportunity would not have come if I hadn’t spent time working with a voice coach – Teri in particular. Teri’s knowledge, talent and professionalism is without question; but it’s her wisdom, warm personality and delicate nature that speaks to the singer in me. Teri is so patient and being a singer herself, she truly understands the artistic soul. She gets me! Without these sessions with Teri, I doubt I would have been prepared or given this great opportunity before me! Thank you, Teri and see you soon.” Fay Baker, student

Over the years, her clients/students include:

artists (signed and indie), singers (beginners to professional), musicians, speakers, television personalities, actors, and comedians – notably Jared Lee (recording artist/songwriter Chrysalis), Melissa Disney (voice of Disney’s Snow White and voiceover artist), Adam Bones (Merrifield Records), Jennifer Robbins (ABC 7’s meteorologist), actor/musician Taylor Handley (the OC, Vegas), Greg Fitzsimmons (see above) and many others.

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