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Our mission is to inspire, enlighten, and provide the very best in content, resources, and professional advice on topics related to vocal performance to a global audience.

The Singer’s Newsletter is a vocal tip monthly email publication, geared towards vocalists, performers, musicians, speakers, presenters, and those who work closely with them. It features articles, guest tips from artists and industry, vocal health tips, performance opportunities, resources and recommendations for products and services, and updates on student successes and projects.

Free to subscribers, The Singer’s Newsletter started as a simple email in 2002 by recording artist and vocal coach, Teri Danz. It began as a give back to students to keep them up on technique, performance, and recording issues as well as industry/local events, resources, and performing opportunities. Over the last decade, The Singer’s Newsletter has grown dramatically to encompass a large national and international email audience. Our sponsors include Casio, Sennheiser and The Modern Vocalist.

Thank you to Casio for renewing as a Singer’s Newsletter sponsor! Your continued support and energy are very much appreciated. We are honored to have you onboard!


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*New Teri Danz Article on The Famous Company website

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VoyageLA Profile Feature Article!

Music Connection Expert Article in October Issue! How Performance Calamities Can Help You Shine!

Teri Danz was named one of the Top Vocal Coaches in Backstage Magazine “Sing Out Stronger” article, 6-25-15 Issue (page 21). Danz was also a 2014 Reader’s Choice Finalist.

November 2017 Issue #185 – Available 11/29/17

In this issue:

*Singing Tips to Shine Bright This Holiday Season!
*New Teri Danz Article on The Famous Company website
*Lesson Specials & Vocal Workshop
*Sponsor Updates & Opportunities

Here’s a sample:

The holidays are a great time to shine bright – with your voice, your songs and with your special gift.

Try these tips to add shimmer to your singing and performance:

  • Smile at your audience in between songs, and smile with your eyes when singing – It matters! Keep that “dumb-duh” shape for vowels (dropped jaw) when singing, but let your audience know that you’re happy to be there!  If you are excited, your audience will be, too!
  • Add sparkle – Wear something festive or decorate the stage and encourage your audience to be in a festive mood. Give away a wrapped CD or ask your audience to sing along with you. You get the idea.
  • Warm-up, warm-up, warm-up – Your voice is not a keyboard. If you hit a key on a keyboard, it will be the same every time.  Think of your voice like a fine stringed instrument – where it needs to be tuned, and where weather, sun, and cold affects it. In order to hit notes, manage your range and not end up yelling, the warmer your voice is, the better.
  • Stay focused on your performance – Work back from a performance or recording session in order to know what you need to do. For example, if you have a big gig next week, don’t overextend yourself this week. Do everything to stay healthy, rested and prepared in anticipation of being your best when it counts…

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ASCAP EXPO – April 2017  ASCAP Neumann Microphone Workshop 

At the ASCAP Neumann*  microphone workshop, expert Brian Walker of Neumann (and Sennheiser) demonstrated a variety of its microphones and the differences between them by asking a singer (on Saturday, it was yours truly!) to sing into each of them. Neumann, a worldwide leading manufacturer of studio microphones and accessories for over 80 years, has been the gold standard in studio microphones. Each Neumann mic, btw, has actual gold in it (fun fact!).

Here are some tips that you probably didn’t know about studio microphones
but definitely should!

“To get a better vocal sound, avoid using a windscreen,” suggests Walker. Neumann mics already have a pop filter built into them. He offered a very specific technique that surprised and educated participants:

  • When singing into the studio mic, he recommends, don’t sing directly (head on) into the microphone. Face the mic on a 45 degree. Take your spread hand (from your thumb to your pinky to get the correct distance) and place it from the corner of your lips to the surface of the mic at that angle.

For harmonies, move further away from the mic at another hands length (and so forth).

Pick the right microphone for your voice. It may be trial and error, but it makes a huge difference.

  • A correct microphone won’t make you feel like pushing (even if you don’t feel it, your body will do it in response). Each mic brings out certain aspects of the voice, and not others. For example, the U87 above was originally designed for male voices and brings out certain aspects of that. Make sure you are recording with one that works with your voice, not against it.

*A big thanks to our SN sponsor, Sennheiser (Neumann is part of Sennheiser)

Check out my book, “Vocal Essentials for The Pop Singer”. Five-star review!

Reprint only with permission. All rights are reserved. For more info or vocal/performing assistance, email If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me or take a lesson. Check out more tips on Twitter –

2017 Workshops – Sing Like A Pop Star Live!

Nov dates TBA -See date update under vocal workshop!  Sign up now! 

Thanks to everyone who has participated! See what participants are doing – tours, opening for major acts, more!! 

Take your singing and performance to the next level! Work on songs of your choice, be coached by a pro, and accompanied by an amazing guitarist, Gaku Murata.

Each session is 2 hours and takes place over the course of 4 weeks in preparation for a live performance. Sign up now! Spots are limited! Exhibition Studios, Culver City, $225 (less than $30 an hour!) – Pay online! See Lesson rates tab.

More Info:

YouTube:, subscribe to our channel!

See our reviews! Email or call 310-283-9688 for more info and to sign up!

Sponsor Update – Casio, Sennheiser, The Modern Vocalist World

Check out Casio and Sennheiser at Summer NAMM!!


Congrats to Casio!Stevie Wonder Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid

*CELVIANO Grand Hybrid digital pianos have received a 2016 Product Excellence Award from Music Inc. Magazine!


Stevie Wonder playing the Grand Hybrid at NAMM 2017.

Casio – New Keyboards & Chordana

New at NAMM, Casio’s new CTK-2550, CTK-3500, and LK-265 keyboards feature a direct connection to the new Chordana Play app*, allowing users to learn to play their favorite songs via downloadable MIDI files. This unique connection operates over a standard 1/8” stereo cable between an iOS device and the keyboard.

Chordana App 2
*Chordana Play
is a free music app developed with the vision of enabling people who have no experience playing an electronic keyboard to have fun, while also helping seasoned keyboard players expand their repertoires. Kudos to Casio!


Casio Supports Education: With the donation of 60 electronic musical instruments to The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation.

Music Creators!
Celebrate Dance Music Mode on the new Casio CTK-2550!

Casio Contest

Enter Casio’s Instagram contest for a chance to win the
portable keyboard that makes creating music EASY and FUN. 


To Enter:
1. Follow @CasioMusicGear and @ToysRUs
2. Like our post at
3. Comment with your favorite Dance Music Mode Feature.



Congrats to Sennheiser on receiving 5 Prestigious NAMM TEC Award Nominations (including the XS Wireless Microphone Systems!)

Sennheiser debuted their new XS Wireless Systems in a press conference at NAMM 2017, expanding its music industry portfolio with two brand-new radio microphone series: XS Wireless 1 and, in a preview, XS Wireless 2 (see pic).

XS Wireless 2

As a vocalist, a microphone is part of your arsenal to deliver the best performance and sound possible. These new wireless mic systems offer the same exceptional Sennheiser quality at an affordable price.    This is a revolution in affordable, great sounding, wireless systems. Sennheiser, an innovator in sound technology, is now empowering artists at many price points with the best technology possible. Excellent live sound, a distinctive design, and incredible ease of use make the systems the perfect choice for up-and-coming artists who want to upgrade to wireless. The XS Wireless 1 series, available now, comprises a total of six wireless microphone sets for the budget-conscious user looking

Sennheiser D1 jpeg



Try this out at a lesson or at the Vocal Workshop!

Evolution wireless D1 -digital wireless system “We are pleased that the TEC Foundation has once again recognized Sennheiser’s innovations in the Wireless Technology category.” 


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