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Our mission is to inspire, enlighten, and provide the very best in content, resources, and professional advice on topics related to vocal performance to a global audience.

The Singer’s Newsletter is a vocal tip monthly email publication, geared towards vocalists, performers, musicians, speakers, presenters, and those who work closely with them. It features articles, guest tips from artists and industry, vocal health tips, performance opportunities, resources and recommendations for products and services, and updates on student successes and projects.

Free to subscribers, The Singer’s Newsletter started as a simple email in 2002 by recording artist and vocal coach, Teri Danz. It began as a give back to students to keep them up on technique, performance, and recording issues as well as industry/local events, resources, and performing opportunities. Over the last decade, The Singer’s Newsletter has grown dramatically to encompass a large national and international email audience. Our sponsors include Casio, Sennheiser and The Modern Vocalist.

Thank you to Casio for renewing as a Singer’s Newsletter 2018 sponsor! Yay! We are honored to have you onboard! Your continued support is very much appreciated.


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Issue #195 – Available 9/28/18

How to Find Your Best Song Key!

In this issue:

* How to Find Your Best Song Key!
*Teri Danz quoted in Engadget Article on vocals
*The Famous Company website – Teri Danz Article
*Lesson Specials & Vocal Workshop
*Sponsor Updates & Opportunities

Here’s a sample:

How to Find Your Best Song Key!
Key is everything to singers. You can sound amazing in one key and totally “off” in another. Suppose you love a certain song and try to sing it in the original key that is too high. Your voice strains and cracks, and you feel you can’t sing at all. Now suppose the original key is too low. It is likely that you will go flat or lose control of the tone and breath. It doesn’t matter if the original is in a certain key. The way to sound great is to sing in the key that’s best for you – in that song with your version of it.
Stormyz at the 2018 Brit Awards*Stormyz 2018

Here are some tips to find your best song key: 

  1. Try the song key in 3 keys first – the original one you wrote it in (or the original version), a half step higher and a half-step lower. Repeat, and repeat until one works the best.
  2. Make sure you are standing or sitting straight (see Stormyz above) when you try different keys – Position makes a difference! For myself, some notes that I can easily reach while standing are a struggle when I’m sitting. Consider also whether you sit or stand when you sing or perform.
  3. Consider how the song sounds in different keys  – If you develop your voice, it may be that more than one key sounds good when you sing it. Then it becomes an artistic challenge. What key represents the song best and its message? Where in your range is that song’s emotional heart?
  4. Song range – Some songs start off low and go high (think Kesha’s Prayin’). They have a large range, and your voice, too, needs to be able to accommodate that. If you can bearly hit the bottom notes, and have to scream at the top, pick another song.

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Danz at United Recording

Danz at United Recording December 2017

Teri Danz was named one of the Top Vocal Coaches in Backstage Magazine “Sing Out Stronger” article, 6-25-15 Issue (page 21). Danz was also a 2014 Reader’Choice Finalist. 

New! Teri Danz named one of 2018 Best Singing Teachers from

*Teri Danz quoted in Engadget Article on vocals

*New Teri Danz Article on The Famous Company website 

*In the News! Click here:
VoyageLA Profile Feature Article!

Check out her book, “Vocal Essentials for The Pop Singer”. Five-star review!

Teri Mic YouTube


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Sponsor Update – Casio, Sennheiser, The Modern Vocalist World


ct-x700-header-bgNew at Winter NAMM 2018!

Casio – New CTX Series & Celviano AP-470 digital piano

Casio America, Inc, showcased its extensive lineup of digital keyboards and pianos at Winter NAMM 2018, including its brand-new CT-X series of portable keyboards, and Celviano AP-470 digital piano. “Casio is known for consistently raising the bar for digital instruments in an ever-evolving industry, and we’ve continued that tradition with our latest product introductions,” said Stephen Schmidt, Vice President of Casio’s Electronic Musical Instrument Division.

20180125_Casio Mike


CTX Series

The brand-new CT-X line of portable keyboards boasts AiX (Acoustic & Intelligent multi-Expression), Casio’s next-generation sound source, which is eight times more powerful than Casio’s current portables. (The difference is amazing!) Some features from the new series include: 600 tones, 195 rhythms and a new System Delay DSP in the CT-X700 while the CT-X3000 and CT-X5000 are equipped with 800 tones, 235 rhythms, 64 note polyphony, tone editing and a phrase recorder with four pads.  Casio’s latest portable keyboards are outfitted with Casio’s Step-up Lesson System, enabling beginners to learn built-in songs, phase-by-phase, at their own individual pace.

Casio Artist Spotlight – Alicia Witt

 Casio America a leading innovator of electronic musical instruments, is excited to spotlight Alicia Witt as part of its Artist Program. Casio’s Artist Program looks to assist both aspiring and established musicians by providing multiple levels of support including the best tools and technology available for them to compose, practice and perform with on the road, in the studio, or at home.

“Alicia’s music is filled with so much heart, soul and passion and she is an absolute delight to listen to,” said Stephen Schmidt, Vice President of Casio’s Electronic Musical Instrument division. “We are so impressed with her new EP and that we, at Casio, can take a small part in helping to support such a talented artist. The PX-560 that Alicia is currently touring with is a terrific tool with incredible sound quality and sensible features which are great for traveling to all of her upcoming appearances.”
Witt is a classically trained pianist and now a celebrated actress from The Walking Dead, Nashville, Twin Peaks, Justified, The Sopranos and more. Witt is currently promoting her upcoming EP called 15,000 Days, produced by Jacquire King.



The evolution e 614 is Sennheiser’s “Mic of the Month” for September!

The small-diaphragm e 614 condenser is robust and affordable ( “With the e 614 you are focusing a precise spotlight on a single instrument; it then presents this to you effortlessly in your mix – detailed and completely unfazed by ambient sounds,” explains Kai Lange, Senior Product Manager at Sennheiser. Not a vocal mic, but perfect for studio instrument recordings!!

Congrats to Sennheiser on receiving 2 Prestigious NAMM TEC Award Awards! Outstanding Technical Achievement awards in the categories of ‘Headphone/Earpiece Technology’ and ‘Audio Education Technology’ at the 33rd Annual TEC Awards.

Sennheiser G4 Evolution Wireless Microphone Systems

G4 Sennheiser NAMM

Sennheiser debuted their new G4 Evolution Wireless System in a press conference at NAMM 2018. If you are an evolution wireless user, you have come to expect an ever-evolving feature set with each new microphone generation. Enter the G4. With a sleek new user interface, a generously expanded switching bandwidth and higher RF output power for the 300 and 500 series, new multi-channel functionality for the 100 series and brand-new on-camera systems, G4 delivers high-quality, reliable audio for musical performances, houses of worship, business and educational purposes.

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Sennheiser’s evolution microphone series.

As a vocalist, a microphone is part of your arsenal to deliver the best performance and sound possible. Their new wireless mic systems offer the same exceptional Sennheiser quality at a very affordable price.

Sennheiser D1 jpeg


Try this out at a lesson or at the Vocal Workshop!

Evolution wireless D1 -digital wireless system “We are pleased that the TEC Foundation has once again recognized Sennheiser’s innovations in the Wireless Technology category.” 


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