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Our mission is to inspire, enlighten, and provide the very best in content, resources, and professional advice on topics related to vocal performance to a global audience.

The Singer’s Newsletter is a vocal tip monthly email publication, geared towards vocalists, performers, musicians, speakers, presenters, and those who work closely with them. It features articles, guest tips from artists and industry, vocal health tips, performance opportunities, resources and recommendations for products and services, and updates on student successes and projects.

Free to subscribers, The Singer’s Newsletter started as a simple email in 2002 by recording artist and vocal coach, Teri Danz. It began as a give back to students to keep them up on technique, performance, and recording issues as well as industry/local events, resources, and performing opportunities. Over the last decade, The Singer’s Newsletter has grown dramatically to encompass a large national and international email audience. Our sponsors include Casio, Sennheiser and The Modern Vocalist.

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Issue #204 – Available 6/28/19

Neumann Worshop Day 2

In This Issue:

*The Truth about Vocal Belting
*Teri Danz & Neumann expert, Brian Walker at ASCAP Expo Sennheiser/Neumann Workshop! Thanks to everyone who attended!
*A big thank you to Casio for renewing its sponsorship!!
*Lesson Specials & Vocal Workshop
*Sponsor Updates & Opportunities

Here’s a sample:

I’m always asked about belting – does it hurt your voice, why can’t I belt, if I belt will it be stronger? “Belting” is a technique used mostly in musical theatre, but pop singers can use it, too. Belting involves taking your chest voice higher into your middle or head voice range. Many people think this is a yell (which is back in your throat), but it is not. Technically, you have to place the sound more forward in your mouth to get a chestier sound, and still drop your jaw as you go higher (or you will break).
Some examples: Beyoncé – Dreamgirls Listen, Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance with Somebody, and Chris Cornell – Black Hole Sun (he echos this phrase in the background on the chorus). Please note that Cornell is a tenor, and both Beyoncé and Whitney are sopranos. If you are a baritone or alto, your “belt” will be lower.
Please note: belting is subjective, and there’s a continuum. It may sound like someone is belting, but really their voice is strong there and placed right for that note or phrase. Belting is a technique, not a default when you can’t hit a note.

Here are things to know about Belting:

  • Belting requires the placement to be moved forward and the jaw to be dropped. If you move the sound too far back, it becomes heady. If you move it forward and don’t drop your jaw, you can break (or even damage your voice).
  • Don’t push – Pushing is not belting. Pushing air is not belting.
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Danz at United Recording

Danz at United Recording December 2017

Teri Danz was named one of the Top Vocal Coaches in Backstage Magazine “Sing Out Stronger” article, 6-25-15 Issue (page 21). Danz was also a 2014 Reader’Choice Finalist. 

New! Teri Danz named one of 2018 Best Singing Teachers from

*Teri Danz quoted in Engadget Article on vocals

*New Teri Danz Article on The Famous Company website 

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VoyageLA Profile Feature Article!

Check out her book, “Vocal Essentials for The Pop Singer”. Five-star review!

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Sponsor Update – Casio, Sennheiser, The Modern Vocalist World


Casio America, hitting a high note with music enthusiasts and professional musicians alike with the introduction of two new, revolutionary digital pianos – the PRIVIA PX-S1000 and PX-S3000.

“At Casio, our goal is to provide electronic musical instruments that help guide both beginners and professionals to musical success,” said Stephen Schmidt, Vice President of Casio’s Electronic Musical Instrument Division. “Our newest evolution of the PRIVIA line offers a plethora of useful features in addition to a sleek, compact design that helps musicians express their passion for music and performance.”

CDP-210R_ply, 11.2.16, 2:48 PM,  8C, 7974x1874 (143+4515), 138%, straight 6 sto,  1/15 s, R71.2, G56.9, B86.0

Casio PX-S3000

In addition, they are outfitted with Casio’s improved scaled hammer action keyboard, which enables even more delicate expression. Yay! They are light (25lbs), and Casio has a new case coming out for it.


New!! In-Ear Monitors
Sennheiser at NAMM 2019 unveiled the latest members of its family of professional in-ear monitors, the IE 400 PRO and IE 500 PRO (for release in March 2019). They offer natural, high-resolution sound, a secure and comfortable fit that comes close to custom-molded in-ears and a break-proof, patent-pending cable connection. These monitors offer a precise, natural sound for critical monitoring applications.


dearVR AMBI MICROSennheiser and Dear Reality present, AMBEO, END-TO-END WORKFLOW FOR 3D AUDIO
With 3D immersive audio continuing to make its way into productions globally, Sennheiser and its partner Dear Reality showcased a full scene-based end-to-end workflow for VR and 360° video productions at NAMM. The Sennheiser AMBEO VR Mic for Ambisonics recordings, the AMBEO Smart Headset for easy binaural content production, and Neumann’s much revered KU 100 binaural head were on full display. Meanwhile, Dear Reality demonstrated itsdearVR SPATIAL CONNECT mixing software, which enables engineers and creators to mix spatial audio for 360° videos in a VR environment.

New XS Wireless Digital
Sennheiser’s XSw-D series adds EFFORTLESS wireless AUDIO to your Video
At NAMM, Sennheiser launched XS Wireless Digital, a wireless series that provides an easy entry into the world of wireless audio. Designed for DSLRs and video cameras alike, XSW-D enables wireless audio with a 2.4 GHz wireless link, which can be used worldwide without a license. With a simple one-touch operation, XSW-D is instantly ready to record wireless audio directly into any video device.
How cool is this?!!

*Congrats to Sennheiser and Neumann for winning TEC Awards! 

Students!!  Evolution wireless D1 -digital wireless system! Try this out at a lesson or at the Vocal Workshop!

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